Start Right: Build Your Own Business

You’ve figured out how to manage your finances and now that you’ve seen the path to take it must feel great. For some that path may be as simple as following a budget, for others it may be finding new employment, for some new employment isn’t an option but starting a small business instead could be a viable solution. Our program Start Right…. Build Your Own Business is a worthy investment to see if it is the right solution and to make sure it’s done right.

America is built on small businesses. Many people have ideas they believe can grow into businesses. Then, they typically think about going into business for themselves at least 12 times before they either give up on their dream or get the courage to take the leap. You’re probably somewhere in the midst of those 12 times, trying to determine if and how to move ahead.

It takes passion and enthusiasm to start a business. But it also takes a tremendous amount of hard work, risk, and knowhow. The more you prepare yourself before going into business, the greater chance of your success.

The enthusiasm is the easy part. It’s fun to imagine being your own boss, setting your own hours and pay and taking credit for your successes. You can look around and see business owners who enjoy success. They’re the ones driving a new work truck, traveling for pleasure, buying a new house or paying for their child’s education.

What is tougher is grasping the reality of being a business owner. Some people are successful at turning their ideas into good businesses, but others are not. But, by educating yourself about starting a business and believing in your abilities and your dream, you are more likely to be one of people whose dream of a business becomes reality.

The purpose of Start Right: Build Your Own Business is to prepare you for what to expect, and to give you as much practical information as possible so that you can start and manage a viable business. Start Right guides you step by step through the process of turning your idea into a successful business. The information you will find here is useful whether you are crafting children’s clothing, running a bed and breakfast, starting your own design firm, setting up a medical practice, opening a retail store or starting any other kind of small business.

In each chapter, you’ll read true stories about business owners’ experiences that can give you real-life insights about running a business. You will also answer questions and complete activities, and sometimes you may find yourself working on activities from more than one chapter at a time. These will all prepare you for the exciting challenge of running your own small business.

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