10 Steps to Buying a Car

Do you need a new car? 10 Steps to Buying a Car is a short program will everything you need to know to buy the right car for you and your budget. Even when two people get the same deal your credit score can affect what you pay by thousands of dollars.

As Americans, we love our vehicles. We remember our first vehicles and our favorite vehicles. We remember the ride we drove in high school or college. In reality, most of us can recall every auto we have ever driven. For some of us, our car or truck is a friend that we name. Our car is something we use to transport people and pets we love and care about as well as go on adventures to new and exciting places. For some of us, our cars become our hobbies, working either on or through racing. Cars are a part of our American life.

When we buy a car, we want a good deal ... even a great deal on a reliable car. We want to be treated fairly and to receive good financing. This does not just happen. One car dealer is not going to tell us the other dealership is having a sale. A financial institution is not going to tell us to check out the financing at a different financial institution. Finding the best deal takes work on our part before we ever start looking at cars at the dealership.

It is one thing to buy shoes or a video game and later regret the purchase. It is another thing to regret a purchase that we make payments on for five years or more. So much can change in our lives in five years. If we are going to finance a purchase, it is important we get the best possible deal.

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